The PDA offers training to attorneys who represent parents in juvenille court proceedings.  We do this though various continuing legal education courses, including our annual conference.  For more information, please refer to our Events page.

Reimbursement Assistance

One of the PDA's functitons is to manage the funds dscribed in Utah Code 63A-11-203. It is the PDA's job to distribute those funds to reimburse indigent parents and/or their attorneys who apply for certain costs in order to assist in the presentation of an effective defense.  These include the cost of an expert witness for trial and in the case of appeals, the cost of paralegal assistance and/or transcripts. The funding is not contingent upon the use of a particular expert witness or paralegal, but is offered to provide the assistance of any expert or paralegal with experience in child welfare matters. However, because the funding is limited and finite, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for the PDA Board of Directors to successfully approve a funding request. 

If you represent a parent who needs financial assistance for one or more of these costs, please click here to review the PDA policies regarding reimbursement and the application procedures.


The PDA offers to consult with attorneys on child welfare matters including appeals, resources and hearing/trial strategies.  The PDA does not provide legal advice and any consultation provided by the PDA in no way creates an attorney client prividelge between the PDA and any attorney or between the PDA and any parent.  If you are interested in a consultation, please visit our contact us page.

Member Login

The members of the PDA can login to our event planning software site to update their contact information, review past and present events, change registration status to an event and use a full member directory.  To access this feature, login HERE.