PDA Reimbursement Policies


Policies & Procedures for Reimbursement

Policies & Procedures for Reimbursement of appeal expesnses from the Parental Defense Alliance of Utah

Reimbursement Policies Effective 8-1-12

The reimbursement policies have been amended, effective August 1, 2012, to require a qualitative review. This change was directed by the Office of Child Welfare & Parental Defense oversight committee because the legislature wants to make sure the funds expended result in changes to the law that better protect families. The funds were not appropriated to ease the statutory burden that requires trial attorneys also conduct the appeal and perform appellate work.

Amended Reimbursement Policies Effective October 2016

In October 2016, the PDA Board of Directors voted to amend its reimbursement policies pertaining to appellate representation and management of the 2090 fund. An explanation of the changes can be found here.