Expert Witness Seminar

Below are some of the materials from an Expert Witness Seminar

Adams Psych Report

This report is one that has been used for mock trials in the Child Advocacy Law Clinics. It's really an amalgam of reports that we've seen in the past, and it's a good facsimile of a report that one might see in a child protection case. In some ways, it's better than many that we see.  Most particularly, it's a more thorough evaluation than many in that it used more tests than usual and included a parent-child observation. On the other hand, it has numerous common flaws as well, including outdated tests, conclusions beyond those supported by the data, and internal contradictions. The flaws are very consistent with those that we see in real evaluations.

Summers CV

This CV for a mock psychologist and the evaluation, will be used as a basis for much of the training. Please make yourself familiar with these documents in preparation for the class.